Amour détritus
— S. Chioini
— S. Chioini, 2020

Overworked nous transporte aux origines du label Warp [...] en évitant de sombrer dans la nostalgie grâce à la minutie des arrangements, faits d’une multitude de sons et d’effets de textures calibrés à la perfection.”
- Philippe Renaud, Le Devoir

His background in electroacoustic music wastes no time in making itself felt. The background textures he skillfully weaves open the way for percussion of a rare quality that gingerly approaches drum & bass. If they’re applied sparingly on the introductory “Wasteland (the wish)”, let’s just say that the follow-up gives us our money’s worth. “Metallic Sheen” and “Overworked” trigger an irresistible urge to move and could make anyone get up from their seats.

- William Paulhus, PAN M 360

Following his logic of alloyed sounds, S. Chioini’s last title, Amour détritus, focuses essentially on club-oriented genres like drum & bass, electro and breaks while blending in a distinctive penchant for sonic experiments, lush ambiences and avant-garde tropes. “Wasteland (the wish)” sets the atmosphere with a landscape of postromantic harmonies and cinematic sound design inspired by the deep emotional journeys of Tarkovsky’s science-fiction films. This spans the range of an EP ambiguously dealing with climate change and a discomforted love of modern civilization. Reflecting on the thematic of Amour détritus, Chioini mentions: “I had this image of the world built on trash. A network made of scraps, too complex to understand fully, beautiful and bright and truly terrifying.” 

+4 Degrees
— S. Chioini
— Humidex, 2019

“High tensile IDM-electro groover”
- Resident Advisor

S. Chioini brings in the humidity with his broken percussive number “+4 Degrees”, a bass-driven track built upon crystalline sound design, sweeping envelopes and moody pads. Its precise structure, micro-edited cuts and syncopated drums relate to the composer’s electroacoustic background as much as to roots in contemporary music and a dedicated taste for experimental sounds. 

Compositions 012-015
— Simon Chioini
— Where To Now?, 2016

“A micro/cosmic excursion, pointillistic beauty that creates a world fathoms deep. Each composition melds into the next despite appearing to have been made over the course of 3 years. Feels like following ever changing mechanisms in their process. Very particular soundscapes.”
- ULTRA///

Compositions 012-015 is a collection of Simon Chioini’s work during his first years studying electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. 

— DJ Voilà
— Noumenal Loom, 2017

“As if DJ Stingray mixed two samples from Delroy Edwards into one track, cracked open a live show DJ Sprinkles forgot to attend, so the local jockey popped her SoundCloud on random and got ice cream sandwiches around the corner before getting into a three-on-three ball game.”
- Tiny Mix Tapes

DJ Voilà follows up his 1080p debut, Aimless Summer, with this club ready house EP.

Aimless Summer
— DJ Voilà
— 1080p, 2016

“Experimental abstractions of new age ambient house and glassy hyper footwork refracted thru computer music dynamics”
- Boomkat

DJ Voilà (aka Simon Chioini) hails from Quebec, and this is his ode to a Montréal summer—a crispy and bright release that drips tropes from classic ambient/”experimental” genres into more club-based snippets.

The primary mode of “Aimless Summer” is textural—the title praises Fennesz's Endless Summer, but also takes cues from Logos’ “Cold Mission” as much as it does Tojiko Noriko’s “Solo”. Voilà flirts with elements of grime and house inbetween the haze and atmospheric zones on beat-oriented tracks like “Some Jazz” and “Club Extérieur”.

The music is based on recordings made during trips, some analog synths and a lot of DX7 on top. The mix focuses on a very sharp high end, which adds its own color to the blurry narrative and progression of feelings—summer, aimlessness, leisures, different weathers, different moods, time progression, climate progression, love, the everyday. 

© Simon Chioini 2020
© Simon Chioini 2020