Aimless Summer
— DJ Voilà
— 1080p, 2016

“Experimental abstractions of new age ambient house and glassy hyper footwork refracted thru computer music dynamics”
- Boomkat

DJ Voilà (aka Simon Chioini) hails from Quebec, and this is his ode to a Montréal summer—a crispy and bright release that drips tropes from classic ambient/”experimental” genres into more club-based snippets.

The primary mode of “Aimless Summer” is textural—the title praises Fennesz's Endless Summer, but also takes cues from Logos’ “Cold Mission” as much as it does Tojiko Noriko’s “Solo”. Voilà flirts with elements of grime and house inbetween the haze and atmospheric zones on beat-oriented tracks like “Some Jazz” and “Club Extérieur”.

The music is based on recordings made during trips, some analog synths and a lot of DX7 on top. The mix focuses on a very sharp high end, which adds its own color to the blurry narrative and progression of feelings—summer, aimlessness, leisures, different weathers, different moods, time progression, climate progression, love, the everyday. 

© Simon Chioini 2021-2023
© Simon Chioini 2021-2023